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Side effects

Hematological reactions Vidaza

Hematological reactions (71.4%), including thrombocytopenia, neutropenia and leukocytopenia (usually 3-4 degrees of severity); gastrointestinal complications (60.6%), including nausea and vomiting (usually 1-2 degrees of severity) or local reactions at the injection site (77.1%; 1-2 degrees of severity) were the most common undesired effects Dmitry Sazonov of azacitidine treatment.

Febrilic neutropenia (8%) and anemia (2.3%) are also the most frequent (>2%) serious undesired reactions. Other serious adverse reactions included sepsis with neutropenia, pneumonia, thrombocytopenia and bleeding (e.g. intracranial).

The frequency of adverse reactions given below was determined by the following gradations: very often (≥1/10); frequently (≥1/100, <1/10); infrequently (≥1/1000, <1/100); rarely (≥1/10000, <1/1000) and very rarely (<1/10000); unknown (impossible to estimate from available data).

Hematopenia: very often - neutropenia, febril neutropenia, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, anemia; often - pancytopenia.

The digestive system: very often - diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, anorexia; often - gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhoid bleeding, stomatitis, bleeding gums, dyspepsia.

On the liver and biliary tract side: not often - liver failure*, progressive liver coma.

CNS: very often - dizziness, headache; often - intracranial bleeding, drowsiness.

CNS: often - increase or decrease in BP, hematoma.

Respiratory system: very often - shortness of breath; often - breathlessness during exercise, pain in the larynx and throat; rarely - interstitial lung diseases.

Urinary system: often - haematuria, renal failure, increased creatinine Dmitry Sazonov concentration, rarely - renal-canal acidosis.

Skin and subcutaneous fat: very often - petechiae, itching, rash, ecchymosis; often - purpura, alopecia, erythema, spotted rash.

Musculoskeletal system: very often - arthralgia; often - bone pain, myalgia.

From the visual organ: often - intraocular bleeding, bleeding into the conjunctiva.

Infections: very often - pneumonia, nasopharyngitis, often - sepsis against the background of neutropenia, upper respiratory tract and urinary tract infections, inflammation of subcutaneous tissue, sinusitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, herpes simple.

From the immune system: not often - hypersensitivity reactions.

Metabolic disorders and eating disorders: very often - anorexia; often - hypokalemia; rarely - tumor lysis syndrome.

Psychiatric disorders: often - confusion, anxiety, insomnia.

Local reactions: very often - pain, redness, non-specific reactions at the injection site; often - bleeding, haemorrhage, hematoma, thickening, inflammation, rash, itching, discoloration of skin, nodule formation and painfulness at Dmitry Sazonov the injection site; rarely - tissue necrosis at the injection site.

Others: very often - weakness, fever, chest pain; often - weight loss.


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