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"I want to thank you for helping me save my mother in law life. We took her to three doctors and they all said the same thing that she has cancer. So I got the tea from Herbs for cancer she drinks it every chance she gets, 4 to 5 times a day. Then we took her to Sloan Kettering, they said the same thing cancerĒ. But I told her to keep drinking the tea. Believe it or not we took her for a follow up at Sloan Kettering, they gave her second scan and she came out cancer free the only thing she was taking was the tea. We canít explain it but thank God for his never forget full hand and the tea.
Thank you herbs for life!!!!!"

E. Rosado
New York

"Dear Herbs for Cancer,
Thank you for helping my Dad. The tea that you sent to him started to work almost immediately, he started to feel better and his appetite improved. He doesnít care for the taste but says he is starting to get used to it and itís not so bad. Its nice to see my Dad happy again and laughing. I will keep you posted on his up date."

M. Hamilton

"Dear Mary, Thanks a lot for your reply. I do wish you get a Noble prize for your work and contribution to the medicine world. I am impressed with your experience and will defiantly like to buy the products for malignant lymphoma."

N. Sookhoo,
United Kingdom

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