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What are some of the Herbs?

Below you will see a description of some of the herbs used in our formulas. We have not listed all the herbs, but have chosen to list the ones most commonly used in most formulas.

Dong ling cao: Improves the action of Chemo to destroy cancer cells while protecting the patient against the damages of Chemo. This herb is very promising.

Tian men dong: Out of 41 patients, 23 received herbal treatment only and 18 received the combination of herbal and chemotherapy treatment. The study reported an 82.5% rate of effectiveness for the herbal treatment. Preparation of Tian men dong have an inhibitory effect against the deoxygenase of cancer cells in both acute lymphocytic, and acute mononuclear cancer cell populations.

Ban zhi lian: Has anti-neoplastic properties and is used along with Bai hua she she cao to fight cancer. Together are very strong.

Ban hua she she cao: Oral ingestion of this herb was found to have a dose-dependent effect to enhance macrophage function and inhibit tumor growth.

Huang qin: Raises the immune system, has inhibitory effect against many pathogenic bacteria, protecting the patient from infection.

Bai zhu: Increases the activity of the macrophages and reticuloendothelial system. It also increases the number of white blood cells, lymphocytes and IgG34. Bai zhu has demonstrated marked inhibitory action against esophageal cancer.

Yi yi ren: Large studies are being done on this herb in China for its antineoplastic action which is showing great promise mostly with lung cancer but is being used for other cancers as well.

Tu fu ling: Administration of Tu fu ling has shown promising effects in the treatment of cancer. In animal studies, it is especially effective against cancers of the urinary bladder and liver.

Ling zhi: Has been shown to have anti-neoplastic activity due to its immune-enhancing properties. The specific effects of Ling zhi include an increase in monocytes, macrophages and T-lymphocytes. In addition, there is also an increased production of cytokine, interleukin, tumor necrosis factor and interferon.

Ren Shen: Has immune enhancing effects and helps to relieve symptoms with Chemo. Protects the body from harm with radiation.

Huang qi: One of the best herbs to use when on chemo or taking radiation. Helps to protect the body from the damages that can occur. Increases white blood cells and multinuclear leukocytes and enhanced production of IgM

Lu gen: Stops a protein needed for the cancer cell to survive. Helps to increase energy and mental function.

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