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Questions and Answers

Do you offer nutritional support in addition to the tea & capsulated formulas for cancer?

Yes, we include with your order a guideline for nutritional support.

Are there any side affects or long term affects from using these herbal products?

These herbs have been tested over and over and when taken as directed are safe. If you experience diarrhea, rash, or upset stomach, discontinue use. As with all herbal formulas, please consult your Doctor first.

If I am in a high-risk category, genetically or otherwise for developing cancer, could these products be used and have any success as far as preventative measures are concerned?

Yes, as a preventative measure it is recommended that you take Graviola and Red Raspberry complex.

What type if any age restrictions and or health concerns could we encounter when using these herbal products?

Children under the age of 18 should take half the dosage of an adult, which our formulas have mainly been devised for. As always check with your Doctor first.

Are there any other things in addition to your products that can be used with Chemotherapy and Radiation to enhance the possibility of recovery and re-mission? Do you believe in multi-faceted approaches like diet, stress suppression, and even things like an Alkaline Diet?

Along with the herbal formulas I would recommend meditation, biofeedback, mild exercise, Alkaline Diet, and a positive attitude.

Can I take the herbal formulas and still be on my Chemotherapy and Radiation?

Yes, all of the herbs used in our formulas are designed to help with Chemotherapy and or Radiation and will not interfere in your treatment. As with any herbal usage always consult your physician first.

I get so sick and I am run down from my Chemotherapy. Do you have anything that can help me?

Yes we have a great formula that is made just for people who are on Chemotherapy or radiation. This formula is made to help your body cope with the side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation by increasing the white blood cells, improving the immune system and protecting the healthy tissue and cells from becoming damaged. This formula will help with nausea and tiredness and can be a positive influence. Everyone who is on Chemotherapy or Radiation treatment should use this formula.

Where do the herbs originate from, and are they safe to use?

Almost all of our raw herbs come from China where they are grown and harvested just for formulating tea and capsulated formulas. They are checked and rechecked to insure they contain no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides and they are grown without chemical fertilizers. We take great pride in our herbs to insure the best quality for our customers and their health.

With the new national tests on Green Tea, proving that the active molecule in Green tea attaches itself to protein enzymes of cancerous cells, which inhibits growth, or in some cases kills the cancer cell, would it be healthy and advantageous to incorporate the consumption of Green Tea with your cancer formulas?

Yes, drinking Green Tea on a Daily basis along with taking the herbal formulas is very beneficial, we include Green Tea in all of our formulas.

When my cancer is eradicated do I still need to take the capsules and or tea formulas?

The optimal thing to do is to take our Red Raspberry formula, which contains Illagic Acid and the 3 mushrooms along with the Graviola formula. Both of these capsulated formulas and can be taken at the same time as the Cancer Tea and Capsulated Formulas or after remission has been achieved.

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