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Cancer Treatment Tea   Cancer Treatment Capsules
Cancer Treatment Tea   Cancer Treatment Capsules

Radiation Therapy Tea Formula

Radiation therapy is very hard on the body and produces heat not only on the radiation site but also all through out the body. It causes burns and also destroys healthy tissue. This must be treated both topically and orally. Topical treatment is placed on the radiation site to decrease the burn on the healthy tissue and preserve it, we include topical ointment with each order to place on the radiation area. Along with this the raw herbs are to be taken orally to fight from the inside and protect the body from the damage that the radiation is causing. Along with taking radiation there are also alot of side effects that occur such as fatigue, diarrhea or constipation. These herbs will help with these side effects while making the body stronger. Remember a strong healthy body will fight but you must help it to fight the battle. The formula is Mai men dong, Xuan shen , Jixue teng, Sheng di huang, Huang qi, Ren shen, etc. Each order comes with 60 tea bags, enough to make 120 cups of tea. Suggested use: 4 cups per day

Price: $45.00

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