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Cancer Treatment Tea   Cancer Treatment Capsules

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Lung Cancer Tea Formula
Each order comes with 60 tea bags, enough to make 120 cups of tea. Suggested use: 4 cups per day
The herbs in this formula are specifically to help those who have lung cancer. They tonify the lungs and may increase the oxygen exchange in the lungs that have become impaired from the disease. Increasing the oxygen in the body helps aid in the destruction of the cancer cells. These herbs also dissipate nodules and relieve phlegm accumulation in the lungs. They will increase the energy level and ease the breathing. This is truly a wonderful formula. Studies have been done on each and every one of these herbs to improve the health of the whole body. Remember Chinese herbs have been around for thousands of years and have been tested over and over unlike new medicines that have only been tested a few years. These herbs in this formula will assist in the fight against cancer and will do no harm to the body. The herbal formula is: Tian Men Dong, Yi Yi Ren, Ling Zhu Ling, Ban Zhi Lian, Yu Xing Gao, etc.
Price: $45.00




Breast Cancer Tea Formula
Breast cancer, a common cancer occurs most often in women between the ages of forty - fifty. Its incidence is second only to uterine cancer. Breast cancer affects the left and right mammary glands with equal probability but seldom both. Often the woman herself discovers a tumor in the breast. Through self-examination a hard, uneven and painless lump is felt in the breast. As the tumor grows, the nipple retracts and becomes small but hard, the skin turns rough and thick, and pores enlarge. Some symptoms may occur as dripping of fluid or blood from the nipple. Swelling of the lymph nodes, generally of the armpits near the infected breast. Ulceration of the nipple and areola. This is a wonderful formula. The herbs in this formula dissipate nodules, masses in the breast, It is full of Anti-cancer fighting herbs. Along with helping to fight the cancer there are herbs to relieve pain and distention in the breast tissue. This formula is being used in China to treat breast cancer. Also the herbs help the patient to have an increase in over all health, This formula is very safe and can and should be used for a long period of time. The herbal formula is: Pu gong ying, Zi cao, Wang bu lin xing, tian men dong, xia ku cao, ban zhi lian, etc. Each order comes with 60 tea bags, enough to make 120 cups of tea. Suggested use: 4 cups per day

Price: $45.00




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